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"Make your day everything you've ever dreamed of"

Unforgettable Treats 

The act of giving favours to guests at a wedding is a centuries-old tradition believed to have originated in France, where sugared almonds were gifted to the high classes in small boxes made of crystal or precious stone.

While some continue the tradition of gifting sugared almonds, other couples are choosing to treat their guests to something a little more unusual. As small tokens of appreciation to thank your guests for sharing in your special day, there's no rule on what you can and can't gift – they don't have to be edible and they certainly shouldn't break the bank!

What will you choose?

Gift Bags
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Love Keep Create

Remember Your Special Day EVERY DAY
Turn your beautiful bridal outfit into a wonderful blanket, doll or keepsake bear that will be treasured forever. We also work with grooms outfits and bridesmaids dresses.

LoveKeepCreate make bespoke and highly personalised keepsakes from the clothing you can’t bear to part with.

T: 03334 449 144

Maison Samadi

Planning for your special day and looking for a touch of refinement to your wedding theme?

Look no further as far as luxury chocolatiers go, MAISON SAMADI-London brings Haute Couture to the Chocolate industry. They offer a wide range of delightful chocolate and confectionary products to suit every occasion providing a “one stop shop” for exclusive bespoke gifting.

T: 07775 730133 | 07732 403410

The National Lobster Hatchery


If your looking for wedding favours with a difference, why not adopt a lobster for your loved ones! The perfect way to 'give back' both to your guests and our marine environment.

Enjoy naming your lobsters and each guest will get to take home a personalised adoption pack.

T: 01841 533877

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